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Selangor FC to release fourth collectible jersey this season


The Red Giants have produced 6,000 copies of their 2021 home shirts for sale, with fans having to wait until May for the next batch to arrive.

The Selangor FC 2021 home shirt, the debut 2021 Malaysian league shirt launched this season, has reportedly sold well, despite being launched online only, unlike in previous seasons.

When Goal visited the club’s online store on Wednesday morning, the strip that was inspired by their 1986 Malaysian Cup-winning kit was already sold out within 48 hours of its launch, with dealers claiming their stock was almost sold out.

The good news for the fans; An additional 1,500 copies of the jersey will be made available on the club’s website on Thursday.

The bad? Once the current bundle runs out, fans will have to wait until May to purchase it.

“We have about 1,600 more pieces coming on Thursday or Friday, and that’s all we have for now. The club has sold 2,500 so far, and by the time these are completed we will have sold a total of 4,200. Combined with those sold by Joma (the manufacturer) and dealers, there are about 6. 000 sold at the moment.

“We didn’t order too many products because we were cautious of interest during the pandemic. If we reorder, the shirts will not arrive until early May because they are made in China and on the upcoming Chinese New Year.

“Fans have one last chance to get a copy tomorrow (Thursday) when we restock our online store, otherwise they will have to wait until May!” club CEO Johan Kamal Hamidon explained to Goal by telephone.

Overall, he’s impressed with the revenue generated after just over a day, given the pandemic restrictions currently in place in the country.

When asked if he was concerned that the long wait for the strip’s next batch to be produced at home could lead to a forgery, Johan expresses his belief that Red Giants fans will do the right thing and avoid buying. counterfeit goods.

“This kind of thing cannot be stopped,” he admitted. “Although the lockdown may have helped curb the physical sale of counterfeit goods somewhat. This will happen and unfortunately cannot be avoided.

“I think our fans are aware enough and supportive to get our original merchandise from authorized dealers. They have a strong feeling of supporting the club. ”

Johan Kamal. Photo by Zulhilmi Zainal

He also revealed to Goal Selangor’s plan to sell a fourth kit this season. When asked if this would be seen as a cynical cash grab, Johan replied that this was what the club’s supporters wanted.

“This is a special edition commemorating our 85th anniversary this year.

“That’s what the fans want, they want something limited. This particular kit will only be produced in a limited number, and will be accompanied by a certificate and an identification number. It’s a collector’s item, ”Johan said.

However, the release dates for their second, third and fourth kit have yet to be determined according to Johan, due to pandemic restrictions. For example, Johan first said Goal that the home kit will be launched in early January.

“I can’t reveal the color of the outside strip, but it’s different from the house and the third kits.

“It wasn’t designed to celebrate anything from the past, but this one is for the future; something younger and more energetic, ”he added.