Second Witness Revelead Of Meesha Shafi Appeared In Court


The main observer of Meesha was her mom, Saba Hameed. She affirmed against Ali Zafar in the court. Another report on Meesha Shafi’s case is here. The second observer of Meesha Shafi and previous Model Iffat Omar affirms against Ali Zafar.


She upheld Meesha’s charges of lewd behavior against Ali Zafar. Prestigious model and entertainer Iffat Omar told the court that Meesha was upset over the issue before opening up to the world against Ali Zafar.

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She discussed how Meesha and Saba Hameed appreciates a decent notoriety in the business and stated, “I can never envision that they could ever lie.”

Iffat told the court that she knew about charges leveled by Leena Ghani, Maham Javaid and Humna. She completely had faith in the claims made by these ladies. She likewise told the court that there were other ladies additionally who have leveled claims against Ali Zafar, nonetheless, they have not all that freely due to dread of kickback and dangers.

Ali Zafar once more neglected to record an answer in the criticism case for Rs.2 billion documented by Meesha. Ali Zafar’s direction have recorded an application in the court requesting that the judge remain Meesha’s maligning on the ground that Ali Zafar’s suit for criticism ought to be chosen first. Meesha insight have named the move by Ali Zafar a tardy strategy to maintain a strategic distance from arbitration of Meesha’s body of evidence against Ali Zafar.

The court has suspended the cases to ninth November 2019.

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