After Ruswai, Sana Javed is all set to paired up with Bilal Abbas

After Ruswai, Sana Javed is all set to paired up with Bilal Abbas

The actor will be paired with Bilal Abbas for the launch of the new Fahad Mustafa production under the Big Bang Entertainment banner. Speculation suggests that joining the duo will be Noman Ijaz and Amina Sheikh.

“The genre is a modern mystery thriller,” Abbas revealed in a conversation with Images. “But the script is very different from Cheekh and very good. I am very excited to work with Sana for the first time. She is phenomenal, hard-working and very talented.”

“We are all super excited, and writer Mohsin Ali has done an amazing job,” added Sana, who seemed particularly excited to embark on this new journey.

“It may sound cliche, but I’ve never done a character like this before. The good news for audiences is that this character is not an emotional mess at all. Not that I do sob characters, I’m always looking for strong female characters.” “

“But what makes the project special is that Fahad himself is extremely involved, he has not only read the script, but also in each and every thing, from the costumes to the development of the character and the sensation of the show. , is involved in every complexity. ” shared.

“All projects have people working together, but when the producer himself is involved, especially someone like Fahad Mustafa who is a big star, a big name, a big Pakistani celebrity, and who is generally busy, but still shows a lot of participation , the project automatically becomes extra special and you get an idea that something incredible is in process. “

Produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi and Mustafa, the series will be directed by Cheekh’s Badar Mehmood.

“The team is outstanding.” exclaimed the Khaani star. “All of his dramas are always huge. Badar Mehmood is directing, Mohsin Ali writes, and the team effort makes it great. We have been wanting to work together for so long, Badar also offered me another two, three projects, but it would never work by dates and Availability. But we’re finally working together, thank God, and we’re all very excited. “

“Bilal and I together will have a new sensation for the screen and the audience,” he said.

“I am sure the project will work as well as my other projects,” added Bilal. “It will be filmed on a large scale and promoted on a large scale, so I really hope it will be very, very, very large.”

A release date has yet to be announced, as the shooting will begin as soon as the pandemic ends. We wish the team the best of luck for the next project.

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