Salesforce CPQ Basics Overview

Let’s move on to know something about Salesforce CPQ which is a native Salesforce app that helps the sales teams to close their deals faster and easier and make the sales with higher profit that impacts to the higher growth of company.

CPQ i.e Configure, Price, Quote which are related to the terms that what product does the customer wants to buy? How much would be the cost of that product? And how we can provide the customer details about sale?So in overall background of Salesforce CPQ we can say CPQ create quotes quickly, with minimal effort and minimal error.

Exploring about the CPQ are as follows :

Character Word Meaning
Configure Price Quote
Pick out what a customer wants buy Provide relevant price for specific product PDF that carry details of products and services along their prices


Okay, let’s have some deep dive into the existence of Salesforce CPQ

Configure : C for Configure under which sales rep ask their customer about what they are expecting for and following their answers the rep can find out related product and CPQ uses rules to make sure you and your reps sell related products together. The term configure in CPQ is completely related with the choice of products as what fits best for whom. The list of products updates whenever new products are created or old products are retired.

Price : P for Price, for finding right price for right product Salesforce CPQ works as the pricing source of truth. The only thing the reps can think upon is providing only the figure of discount, rest other calculations to be done by CPQ itself. CPQ pricing calculator one can must assure that pricing of product is correct at all times and the related quotes don’t have manual calculation errors.

Quote : Q for Quote, all the opportunity and number of product related details with their pricing are there in the quote which will further customise as per company information. We can also introduce the e-signature option in quote which make easier to close the deals faster and easier.

Generally the quote feature is not enable, so for enabling the quote on opportunity you can follow steps below :

  • Login to Org
  • Go to Setup
  • Write “Quote Setting” in quick find box
  • click on “Quote Settings”
  • Check “Enable Quotes”
  • Click Save

What you get, an option is available by name Quotes in the related list of Opportunity detail page.

While creating quote by New Quote button you will put basic details and Quote line items but when you sync the quote it will replace the products on opportunity by Quote line items.

Out of multiple quotes available on same opportunity only one can consider as primary that means it has special relationship with opportunity. If you later make another quote primary then it will automatically update the details on opportunity.

Now, while wrapping up all about an exclusive brief idea about Salesforce CPQ I would only say that it’s a superb product for sales reps and whole team to achieve higher sales rate and contribute to growth of their organisation in less efforts.

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