Ruswai – The New Drama Serial.


We have made it clear that as the season changes, so do the dramas on our televisions. The new and upcoming drama series is Ruswai on ARY Digital Network. It is going to air soon, but looking at the teasers it has already given us goosebumps. Directed by Rubina Ashraf and written by Naila Ansari, it is very pleasing to see female artists at plays like this. The drama is starring Muhammad Ahmad, Seemi Raheel, Isra Ghazal, Usman Peerzada, and Natalia Awais in pivotal roles alongside Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar.


The drama, by the looks of the teasers, is based upon how the victims of kidnapping, rape and abuse are considered a taboo in society. Rather than getting proper help and counselling, they are subjected to merciless psychological torture. This TV series will show the social and moral problems of our society in handling this sort of situation. The families of the victims are also subjected to gossip and rumors which doesn’t help the state in which the victims mind is.


Sana Javed has brought her best foot forward in this drama series just like she did in her previous drama Khaani. She is a beautiful and versatile actress and everything she does, she does it with perfection. That is also the reason why some of her very famous colleagues have sent forward their best wishes for her.



According to the cast the drama does look very promising and seeing it is directed by Rubina Ashraf, written by Naila Ansari, it is bound to be a huge success. ARY Digital is always keen on showcasing dramas with a social issue to entertain and educate the community. Hats off to the whole team!

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