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Rhimba’s Get a Flat Belly Exercise Review – Does it run?


Rhimba’s dance workout dvd has been increasing in acceptance in the past few months. But just because something is well known doesn’t mean that it’s a bit of good, it can all be due to marketing that is good. And so does Rhimba’s fitness dvd really work? Does it truly help you get a okinawa flat belly tonic customer reviews belly and tight buns while they claim? Right after interviewing a few of the ladies who have been performing the workout for some time, I now know the answer…

Early March of 2008, I was provided a demo dvd so that I could offer a personal review of this brand new dance workout. I was asked to explain in details how it really works from the point of view of an average computer user. Since that time, I have spoken with 1 man and 4 women who have been doing this workout for more than a month. Therefore, I feel that I can confidently pass judgment on this high energy workout.

Will it help you lose weight?

Will it allow you to lose weight?

In terms of weight loss, it is obvious that Rhimba’s dance exercise video works for nearly all individuals. From the 5 users that I interviewed who have tried out this dvd and shared the experience of theirs, each of them were satisfied with the fat loss of theirs.

How much can you drop with this dance fitness clip?

Just how much can you drop with this dance fitness clip?

Although Rhimba promises that you are able to lose a dress size in 2 weeks by doing the workout three times a week, I discovered that it’s very possible. But the folks that I interviewed recommended doing the workout at least 4 times per week at least for the initial 14 days. Their reasoning was that some of the steps are a little hard to pick up if you’re not a dancer. These five people experienced an average weight reduction of eight pounds in fourteen days, nonetheless, 1 of the ladies lost twelve pounds in her first 2 weeks.

How Does it run?

So how Does it run?

The dance workout routines tone and sculpt the body while burning fat and building strong core muscles. This is realized by pairing interval training with quick and slow rhythms to a produce an aerobic workout. The music and the dancing make the fitness routine fun to ensure that it does not feel as an exercise session which tends to make it easier to stick with for a long term.

Will it allow you to get a flat belly and tight buns?

What is the entire satisfaction rate?

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