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Rash on Penis: Could It Be Herpes?


When a male notices a rash on the penis of his, he is likely to get really concerned – and for valid reason. Those most rashes on or near the penis are benign and can vanish entirely after a couple of days, several of them tend to be more serious. That can be the situation and have a herpes rash, that might advance to something quite painful & unpleasant. Any male who is sexually active could wonder at some point in case a rash on the penis of his is herpes. Here is what everyone needs to know about this condition.

herpes blogThe basics on Herpes

To begin with, a simple primer: Herpes is a result of the herpes simplex virus. Around 50 percent of Americans have HSV-1, and that is the kind of herpes that causes sores in the jaws. These ulcers usually are called cold sores or perhaps fever blisters. There are lots of of the counter medications designed to help lessen the issue. This particular strain of herpes is quite common.

Genital herpes is not so typical. A little less than 20 percent of men and women in the United States have HSV 2, which is the form of herpes that causes genital herpes outbreaks. For many people, herpes is pretty mild, and plenty of those infected might have no idea they’ve it. For other people, it may be more severe, leading to lesions and blisters on the penis.

Penis Care with Herpes

One of the primary clues of herpes spam email (related website) is a rash on the penis. There tend to be various other signs with the earliest outbreak, that may include flu like symptoms, just like muscle cramps and pains, nausea, fever, and itching, burning or maybe tingling of the epidermis, particularly in the genital area.

Shortly after that, blisters appear. These blisters may start out as being a mild rash but rapidly progress to fluid filled blisters around the penis and also the anus. They could possibly be very painful to the touch. If ever the blisters open up and release their material, they leave behind lesions, or maybe open wounds, which could be much more painful. Occasionally these blisters even appear in the urethra, which can make urination hurt.

Once the blisters have drained as well as the lesions start out to heal, they will scab over just as any other wound might. The scabs will diminish and slough away after a while, leaving healed skin behind. But, another outbreak could start the cycle all once more.

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