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Profligacy prevents FC Goa from punishing ATK Mohun Bagan


The Mariners continued to play their fastidious style of football as the Gaur failed to get three points despite their dominance …

After a top-level performance in midweek against Jamshedpur FC where they took control of the game from kick-off, FC Goa left it again for a late intervention, this time again by Ishan Pandita for score a point against ATK Mohun Bagan.

Before the Jamshedpur draw, the Gaurs used to be forced to throw the kitchen sink at the opposition towards the end of games. They seemed to have put this problem behind them against Jamshedpur where they scored early and maintained control of the matches. But the problem reappeared on Sunday.

Against ATK Mohun Bagan, the Gaur had played 488 assists of which they managed 354 assists. They had 63 percent possession of the ball and had 19 shots on goal, eight of which were on target. Granted, on two occasions the goal post and crossbar got in between, but they still could have killed the game a long time ago.

Ferrando decided to keep the winning combination as it was and therefore kept star striker Igor Angulo on the bench. Jorge Ortiz, who had a great outing as a No.9 against Jamshedpur, couldn’t replicate that performance against the Mariners.

Ortiz, as usual, worked extremely hard and was often seen stalking to create chances, but was just as wasteful in front of goal. Three times he came close to scoring but ultimately failed to bury the chances that a clinical finisher like Angulo could have done better.

Alberto Noguera, involved in two of their three goals scored against Jamshedpur, remained silent for the majority of the match by ATK Mohun Bagan’s Carl McHugh. The Irish midfielder has once again shown how important he is to Antonio Habas, with FC Goa barely able to make an effective move down the middle.

The Mariners started the game on a brighter note. Habas returned to his familiar 3-5-2 formation with Prabir Das starting as a right-back. But their enterprising start quickly faded and they fell back into their defensive shell after the first 20 minutes.

In terms of offense, this was ATK Mohun Bagan’s worst performance this season, with the team managing to play just 221 passes in 90 minutes and finish just 114! With the exception of Subhasish Bose’s first-half header that hit the crossbar and came back, the Kolkata side had no major chance of scoring goals.

The Greens and Maroons need a major overhaul in their playstyle if they are still dreaming of dominating the league and securing the AFC Champions League spot this season. The approach needs to change and Habas should consider using his team’s offensive prowess.