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Plan B: Stabilizing Blood sugar as well as Brain Chemicals On the Fly (And Staying away from Sugar!)


It’s dinnertime, and I am flying home to San Francisco from a Houston business trip. The flight attendant is bringing close to the service cart and I am intending to order… milk. I never drink milk, so the reason now?

Let’s retturn to the way the day started. Thankfully, I had purchased eggs as well as oatmeal from room service. (This was a selection of years ago, before we all became gluten phobic.) Breakfast showed up at 7:00; so far that good.

I was in Houston in January for a meeting called by Sherry. The meeting started at 10:00 a.m., to end at 1:00. The return flight of mine was at 2:30 p.m.

Sherry had promised us foods. I should have been suspicious, since Sherry and I at one time had dinner at an airport, as well as hers was a plate of a plate and white-flour pasta of white rice. The only foods in the conference were donuts, Danish pastries, M&Ms, Halloween-size candy bars, soft drinks as well as coffee. No refreshments for me personally, thank you.

At 1:00, a few of us got into Sherry’s automobile so she could get us to the airport. 6 hours without food had left me hungry, and I planned to have foods at the airport. Regrettably, unexpected traffic as a result of an event in town slowed us to a crawl. It was not likely to be possible to get food before the flight of mine. Maybe a pack of raw almonds? Virtually every airport newsstand sells those.

Well, gluco shield pro website (special info) time was very short I had to run towards the gate. As I stepped on the plane, they shut the door practically the instant I was on board. Then.

The flight could not take off for 60 minutes due to some difficulty or maybe other. (Believe me, I would stopped caring.) Even if we were cleared to go, we couldn’t surge because the airplane today needed to be de-iced. We sat on the tarmac for 2 more time.

And so our 2:30 flight departed at 5:30. There was no meal service – it was a little while flight. A 2½-hour flight. After a 7:00 a.m. breakfast and absolutely nothing else, all I might think about was foods.

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