PIA to schedule flights for ‘1000 Pakistanis’ from UAE

PIA to schedule flights for '1000 Pakistanis' from UAE

Four flights are scheduled to repatriate around 900 to 1,000 Pakistanis today, April 20, from the UAE.

Authorities said four PIA flights will operate from Dubai International Airport, two each to Karachi and Lahore, carrying people who had lost their jobs or whose visas had expired.

The first repatriation flight took place on Saturday, April 18, repatriating 227 people to Islamabad.

As per local news agency reported, the ticket price was set at Dh1,650 for the Islamabad and Lahore sector, while Karachi passengers will pay Dh1,550.

Pakistan International Airlines is deploying Boeing 777 aircraft for these special flights to accommodate the maximum number of passengers.

About 2,000 Pakistanis are expected to be repatriated over the course of the week to different cities. Currently, 40,000 people have registered with the Pakistani consulate in Dubai for repatriation. It includes more than 10,000 Pakistanis abroad who became unemployed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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