People loving Ehd-e-Wafa First Episode!


This drama serial just released its first episode and every one of us went crazy about it. The drama starts with a very funny scene about the four friends depicting how close they are and how they maintain their friendship. The SSG also known as the Special S Gang named because all their names start with the letter S, this drama shows very relatable things which all of us can relate to. From trying to bunk class, skip hostel and cheat in the papers, this drama makes us all remember our school and college days making us very very nostalgic.



The endearing scenes show us exactly what the characters are up for and what they’re personalities are. The drama is getting popular very quickly and surely so it has a beautiful story of ones commitment to various loves.



The Cast of the drama Ehd-e-Wafa also met the Chief Of Army Staff at the inauguration of the drama serial.





We do wish the cast and the crew of Ehd-e-Wafa a hearty congratulations on the release of their phenomenal drama serial and wish them all a very good luck for their future filming.

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