People Can’t Stop Loving Mahira Khan Representing Pakistan in Paris Fashion Week


The stunning and beautiful Mahira Khan stunned everyone at the Paris fashion week recently. She drove everyone nuts with her impeccable fashion sense and her natural beauty and grace. She went as an ambassador to loreal and a representative of Pakistan at the Paris fashion week.

Mahira Khan put her best foot forward on the Paris Le Défilé runway show. She dazzled in a Karl Lagerfeld to and also showcasing amazing and chic looks while attending events in the fashion capital. Mahira is definitely out to get the fashion industry.

Feathers, glitter, frills and neon galore were seen on the Superstar actor during the course of the week and we couldn’t get enough. Mahira definitely stepped out of her comfort zone to her usual understated elegant look and we have to applaud her for that. After all, Paris is always the main center of fashion and nothing understated will actually be enough.

Here are some of the looks we all loved and will always cherish. All the best to the mesmerizing Mahira Khan.

Speaking to other magazines exclusively before leaving for Paris, Mahira shared, “It feels good; it’s going to be a different experience than Cannes. I hope it’s as amazing but I’m looking forward to meeting all the other girls.”

By ‘young ladies’ the genius implied the other L’Oreal worldwide representatives, the influencers and activists, bunches of different models and on-screen characters from the whole way across the world. “The last time I met Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren, so I’m kind of anticipating it,” she included.

Other than that All Pakistan stars are proud of Mahira Khan Representing Pakistan At Paris Fashion Week 2019.




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Other than stars of Pakistan Entertainment couldn’t resist for her achievement and appreciate her at Paris Fashion Week

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