PCB to make powerful commitment in battle against COVID-19

PCB to make powerful commitment in battle against COVID-19

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) today reported its cricketers and staff will have their impact in the battle against COVID-19 by making commitments to the administration’s just-in-case account.

The midway contracted players will altogether give PKR5 million to the store.

Notwithstanding the cricketers’ commitment, PCB staff up to the position of Senior Managers will give one day’s pay, while the General Managers or more will give two days’ compensation.

Besides, the PCB, as an organization, will coordinate the commitment of its staff to the administration support.

PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani stated: “The Pakistan Cricket Board has consistently remained with the individuals of Pakistan in urgent occasions. This is one of the gravest, generally testing and uncommon occasions, which our nearby and governments and wellbeing laborers are looking with.

“While we keep on petitioning God for the prosperity and achievement of our wellbeing laborers with the goal that ordinariness comes back to our general public, we at the PCB are making a little commitment which will bolster the administration in its undertakings against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am completely mindful like a great deal of different liberal individuals in our general public, our cricketers and staff are secretly supporting the neighborhood governments and different foundations by making commitments in their own particular manners. We are thankful to them for their important help.

“The achievement of countries is estimated by how they meet up in troublesome occasions, and this is one such minute when we as a whole should stand joined together.

“In the interest of the PCB, I by and by encourage the individuals of Pakistan to genuinely accept every single careful step as these have been intended for their and their friends and family’s security. We are a strong country and I have no uncertainty we will crush this pandemic together.”

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