Paul Pogba still determined to win trophies with Man Utd

Paul Pogba has honestly spoken of wanting to win trophies with Manchester United, despite ongoing speculation about his future at the club, which stemmed from agent Mino Raiola telling the world his client was unhappy and wanted to leave sooner rather than later. possible.

Pogba was among the last United team to win trophies, winning both the EFL Cup and the Europa League in Jose Mourinho’s first season at the helm in 2016/17.

Paul pogba
Pogba has already won trophies with Man Utd | Nils Petter Nilsson / Getty Images

Since the start of 2019/20, United have improved in hopes of ending the silverware drought and have reached four semi-finals in three competitions in the past 18 months. But falling again to the penultimate Carabao Cup hurdle at Manchester City was a disappointment, despite the consistency and progress needed to advance to the final stages of another competition.

Pogba didn’t sound like a player desperate to leave when he spoke of targeting trophies with United and only ‘big stuff’.

“Football and playing for Manchester United is not easy, it will never be easy, but it makes the victory prettier and more beautiful when we go through a difficult time, so we get through that,” the player said. 27 years old. tell by the Daily Telegraph.

“It’s beautiful and you get the emotion. That’s all we want. This is what the fan wants, this is what the team wants, everyone wants that. The club is built on winning and big things so that’s all we want to get – the big things.

Pogba was disappointed another semi ended in defeat
Pogba was disappointed another semi-final ended in defeat | PETER POWELL / Getty Images

Losing a semi-final for the fourth time in two seasons, he added: “It’s very annoying to lose because there is a trophy behind it. We certainly need to do better. It’s all about details. Details make the difference all the time and now when it’s big games like this it’s the details and on set pieces we’ve lost. [against Man City]. We have to learn because this is not the first time. “

The last time Pogba addressed his own future directly in public, during the October international break, he seemed optimistic about life at Old Trafford – a very different picture than Raiola painted a few weeks later.

“I heard a lot of noise that I was going to leave and that I had to go to clubs from right to left. Today I am still in Manchester and I am fighting to try again to bring the club to the highest level, ”Pogba himself explained at the time.

“I’m in Manchester and love my club. I play for Manchester, I have fun and I want to do everything to put the club where it deserves it. I will give everything, like my teammates.

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