Pakistani Movie “Durj” Will Be Release Soon Near Your Cinema’s

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Releasing this month Durj the movie, a mystery thriller about a very alarming and astonishing new topic. No one ever thought that it would be necessary to make a movie about this or a law punishing this behavior. This movie is about real life story of cannibals and how they were arrested but the justice system failed to punish them adequately because the punishment for their crimes was never thought of.

Shamoon Abbasi has gone and attempted something completely different with his feature-length directorial debut Durj. Whether or not he knocks it out of the park remains to be seen when the film releases but the trailer has certainly managed to create a buzz.

poster image of the upcoming pakistani movie durj will be release soon.
Image from Durj Movie

The story is about the real life brothers Arman and Farman that were arrested in 2011 in the case of digging graves and take out fresh corpses, they were sentenced to jail for 2 years, unfortunately the constitution of Pakistan didn’t have any clause to charge them, because no one thot that such a heinous crime will ever be committed in the country, they were released after 2 years in 2013 since then they were not monitored by any medical institutions of mental health. They started digging fresh graves and taking out bodies to feed themselves. Again and no one had a clue, once they were arrested again they confessed to digging more than 100 graves.

But because of its heart wrenching topic, the film has been on the censor board in every country there is. Shamoon Abbasi has shared and promoted the release dates but it is yet to be decided if it will be released in Pakistan since the topic the film is depicting is something which the viewers are not really ready to watch.

The producer of the movie has yet to comment on the ban and let us know if it will be released or not.

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