Pakistani Actor and Singer “Ali Zafar” Won the Hearts With Storm

Pakistani Actor and Singer "Ali Zafar" Won the Hearts With Storm

The fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League is underway and the nation has now settled in to enjoy this season of cricket which celebrates and promotes the game which is loved by the whole country. And the celebrations begin when the official anthem for the tournament is released. However, this year, this celebration got bogged down with quite a particular controversy. For the first time in the history of PSL, the official anthem of the year was greeted with rather mixed comments on social networks. His video uploaded to Youtube has been harshly criticized by social media users, and many online platforms have been inundated with disappointed fans at what they saw as a drop in the quality of the official song in the league. To be more precise, fans have seriously missed the presence of Ali Zafar, who has sung three of the five official PSL hymns over the years.

Pakistan Super League Anthem Controversy

The problems started when Ali Azmat, one of the singers of this year’s PSL anthem, was broadcast on national television and indirectly accused Ali Zafar of orchestrating the entire negative trend against the anthem on the networks. social. Disappointing reviews of the anthem as well as the actual performance, botched due to mismanagement of the event at the opening ceremony of the PSL, had left Ali Azmat embittered enough and he told everything on television during of an interview.

Although it could have been easily eliminated as another useless spitting on social networks, Ali Zafar took advantage of it and turned everything in his favor in what was a master stroke. He addressed the accusations in a naughty Twitter video where he sarcastically invited everyone to blame him for everything wrong with his life. He said that people were free to put their picture on a dart board and attack it whenever they were frustrated with their lives. In his own words, Ali was ready to be there.

Ali Zafar conventions the social media

And so began another social media trend that urged Ali Zafar to come back with a PSL anthem that is on the same scale as the famous Ab Khel Jamay Ga. The subject was even raised in the same TV show where Ali Azmat had laid the charges. . Ali Zafar used the same platform to announce that he was ready to make a PSL anthem if that was what fans and the audience wanted. Bhaee hazir hai. All controversy was forgotten and now all eyes were on Ali Zafar and his promise. The response to his news was overwhelmingly positive and within two days, Ali had dropped videos announcing the progress of the anthem which was almost over. And because all of this was done because of the insistence of the fans, Ali Zafar did not exclude them. Rockstar Channo has sent an open invitation to all of her fans around the world to be part of the official anthem clip. The process was simple – just send a dance video to the hook stage of the song by following an easy tutorial taught by Ali Zafar himself and emailing the video. Simple, engaging and effective; impatient fans put on their dance shoes and responded enthusiastically to Ali Zafar’s call.

Making of “Mela Loot Liya”

It didn’t take Ali Zafar ten days to drop the idea that he would do a PSL hymn and publish the final version of the hymn alongside his clip. And he made sure that the whole process of making the anthem was not done in secret. Anyone could witness it. We could see him as Ali Zafar flexing the power of his next fan. Honestly, we can’t blame him.

The title of the hymn could not be apt. Mela Loot Liya can easily apply Ali Zafar’s brilliant strategy which resulted in a negative attack on him on a golden opportunity to return to the game. Without wasting time and energy engaging in a small fight after being accused of being the brain behind a smear campaign on social networks against this year’s official anthem, Tayyar Hain, Ali Zafar used the same social networks to prove that public acceptance and love cannot be bought. It was a smart decision and it worked.

A “Winning” Situation

Ali Zafar’s association with the PSL has always brought him great advantages during the tournament. We can not forget that the teaser of Teefa In Trouble was broadcast during the opening ceremony of the PSL in 2018. In return, Ali Zafar had performed brilliantly at the ceremony. No other artist has elevated the PSL scene like Ali Zafar has done. The movement of power that he made in just ten days with Mela Loot Liya can be interpreted as Ali Zafar sending a message that he is the force that cannot be simply put aside like that, especially with all the successes. to his name.

Mela Loot Liya is officially out and already leads the top spots. While it may not be the official PSL anthem, it has already gone viral and is on everyone’s lips. Even Ali Zafar devoted his hard work to all his fans who pushed him to do so. Ultimately, what sells is what the public wants.

And the public clearly wants Ali Zafar.

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