Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tells Man Utd players to make more fuss with refs

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has urged his players to make more fuss when refereeing decisions go against them, lamenting that the squad are currently a bit too ‘nice’ to compete for. the highest honors.

It comes from the back of referee Peter Bankes admitting he made two major mistakes in last week’s shock loss to Sheffield United. In one case a Blades goal was allowed to hold and in another a United goal was ruled out. The two should have been reversed.

Aaron Ramsdale, Harry Maguire
Man Utd had a wrongly disallowed goal against Sheffield Utd | Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

“Maybe we should have made more fuss about it. We’re a bunch of nice guys, ”Solskjaer said, quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Maybe we should have really hung on to that or made them watch before the game started again. So these are things that we have to learn and use as motivation, ”he added.

“You are not going to expect to receive anything for free. Too long has been a story of the decisions we have for ourselves. But I don’t want my players to put unfair pressure on the referees. We let them do it, it’s their job.

Solskjaer had said earlier that an official report the club had received confirmed that the referee believed in hindsight that he had both bad calls.

Kean bryan
A foul on David de Gea was missed when Sheffield Utd scored | Pool / Getty Images

“They admitted that their goal should have been disallowed and that our goal should have been maintained,” lamented the United boss, after seeing his side fall from first place as a result of the game.

During his own playing days at United, Solskjaer witnessed Roy Keane refusing to leave anything, while there was a competitive motivation and a winning mentality throughout the whole squad that drove every player to pull themselves apart. beat for every inch and every decision.

The talent is there in the current United squad, but the mentality has to match it.

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