Ole Gunnar Solskjaer omits Harry Maguire from locker room leader list

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer couldn’t find a place for club captain Harry Maguire when discussing leaders in his dressing room.

Signing £ 80million in 2019, Maguire wore the captain’s armband regularly in his debut season at Old Trafford, taking on the role permanently after left-back Ashley Young left for Inter in January 2020 .

Harry maguire
Maguire quickly assumed the role of captain | Pool / Getty Images

Solskjaer has always praised Maguire, but when asked about the strength of his dressing room in preparation for Sunday’s FA Cup clash with Liverpool, the boss chose to focus his praise on the other players.

“I think it runs through the team and it’s part of my thinking when you bring in players,” he said (via The Express) when asked about the importance of great people in games. backstage. “You don’t just bring in great talent, you research their character as much as you can to get the right guys.

“Because there are always players who think ‘there is a game next week and I will still get my salary.’ This is the mindset we had to move away from. I wanted the players to come here to push the boundaries, levels and lead it from within.

“It cannot come only from the outside. With players like Bruno [Fernandes], Edinson [Cavani] and Paul Pogba, I feel I have a locker room that leads to success. It makes my job easier – 100%. When you speak, you have to walk.

Solskjaer went on to compare the trio to United legends Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, praising their ability to keep other players focused.

“We had players here when I played – Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs – they continued,” he continued. “When they spoke, you knew you didn’t have a leg to stand on to chat, because you knew they did it every day.

Paul pogba
Pogba has helped United rebound this season | Pool / Getty Images

“And that’s what we need from our players. A lot of us in the game have been in locker rooms where people are talking – but what do you mean what are you talking about? They talk, but don’t really walk. Act rather than talk.

“But the players we’re talking about – Pogba, Cavani and Bruno – they’ve been there, they know what it takes and they demand it from their teammates.

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