Ok, now it’s really time for the painful rebuilding of Tottenham

Tottenham’s game with Chelsea on Thursday night had all the makings of making the club’s business toxic.

A loss to Liverpool, a severely exhausted Liverpool looking for a grip there, hurt the fans. The tactical decisions that were made in the loss appeared to hurt Spurs’ chances of making anything out of the game after already trailing 1-0.

But the Reds remain Premier League champions, a team always packed with star-studded qualities, so if the loss met with the inevitable “Dr Tottenham” and “Spursy” tweets and memes, that was somewhat understandable, in particular. with Harry Kane injured.

Then came the trip to Brighton. An absolute shell of a performance came on the South Coast as Jose Mourinho’s side lost 1-0 with little scuffle and barely any shots on goal.

There was simply no pattern in Tottenham’s game. No plan of attack. No cohesion in the future. Nothing. Nothing. Nada.

Jorginho, Hugo Lloris
Jorginho scored the winner on Thursday | Pool / Getty Images

The loss to AMEX did more to divide the fanbase than any other loss under Mourinho before Thursday, and it’s easy to see why. It’s been over a year since the manager was named Mauricio Pochettino’s replacement, and they look just as fragile and disorganized.

Stylistically, it’s also a lot harder to watch. And it was exactly the same Thursday night.

Of course, there are some things that a manager can’t fix. One of them is the constant defensive mistakes the full backs make over and over again. Mourinho made a big bet on Eric Dier being his reliable center-back, but the England international has cracked under the pressure time and time again. This came in Thursday night’s loss to Chelsea, Tottenham’s third in a row, when he fell to the ground trying to tackle Timo Werner, wagging his leg and grabbing the German with the fifth bite of demand.

Timo Werner, Eric Dier
Dier mingles horribly with Werner for the penalty | Clive Rose / Getty Images

There is a manager problem and a team problem, and both need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Pochettino once spoke about the need for painful reconstruction, but for various reasons, one was not granted. Then, when the team ran out of steam and the miracle results started to wane throughout 2019, he was sacked.

Unfortunately, however excellent some players may be as servants of the club, constant mistakes and limited abilities are no longer useful or beneficial to an institution seeking to truly establish itself as an elite presence on the circuit. European.

They can’t serve the ‘sit and block’ goal that Mourinho wants to have a decent effect now that the teams have ruled them out. Mourinho is not a rebuilding manager so it begs the question of why he got this opportunity in the first place.

Chelsea did the absolute minimum they needed on Thursday night to pick up the three points. They received a penalty joke from Dier, Jorginho hit him and from that point on, most Spurs fans were resigned to the loss.

A few Tottenham players will come out with the usual ‘we have to regroup’ tropes and we’ll see if Mourinho destroys any of his members.

Either way, it’s clear that massive rot has taken hold in Tottenham, and it’s time for officials to start identifying deadwood and cleaning it up. Mourinho may be keen on the challenge of rebuilding the squad back to a team that can clearly compete, but the whole situation seems to have turned far too sour to be salvageable. Daniel Levy is clearly impressed with the former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss, but Spurs wasted those good seasons between 2015 and 2019 by not making the right decisions at the highest level.

Instead, they are in serious danger of spoiling the top of a player like Kane, one of the club’s greats who missed Thursday night due to his questionable ankles, and Son Heung-min, who appears lost without his typing partner.

Thursday night always had the potential to get ugly, and it sure was. Are Tottenham fans excited to see their side unable to build an effective attacking play in the final third against Sam Allardyce’s West Brom on Sunday? Probably not, no. And that is perhaps the most damning thought of all.

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