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“Oh, why 18 months? – Tuchel admits concerns over Chelsea’s short-term contract


Blues boss has a shorter contract than many managers appointed at his level but has no concerns about the arrangement

Thomas Tuchel has explained why he accepted an 18-month contract at Chelsea after replacing Frank Lampard earlier in the week.

The club icon was sacked after five defeats in eight games, the Blues rising from the top of the league to tenth place in the space of six weeks.

With talks having started before Lampard’s last game against Luton, Tuchel was offered an 18-month contract with an option for an additional year.

Increasingly, Chelsea are offering shorter contracts to their head coaches, having paid huge compensation costs for the dismissal of managers like Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho in the past.

However, the Blues also have a reputation for being ruthless in hiring and firing managers and Tuchel admits he was initially confused about the length of the proposed contract.

“I want to be real honest with you, at first it was a concern, I was kind of like ‘oh, why 18 months? “” Tuchel told reporters. “And after a minute, I thought ‘what does that change?’

“What does it change? If they give me four and a half, they [could] send me back anyway. If they’re not happy with me, they’ll fire me anyway. And if they gave me four and a half years, they would add a clause that when they fired me, they would pay me.

“So where can I be sure I’ll be there for four and a half years?” You can not. That is the truth on this level. What is the current role of coaches? Are we in charge of the whole team and transfers as well, or not, are we totally free in everything we do or not?

“Are we only responsible for bad results or also for good results?” What is this role and where do we stand? So I decided not to worry too much, to be brave enough to undertake this adventure, because it was absolutely clear that I wanted to do it and that I did not want to miss the opportunity.

“It is also my character to believe more in chances than in risks. There is absolutely, for me personally, nothing to worry about. I am very grateful to do this job at this level and I don’t want to waste my time thinking about the risks.

Tuchel went on to explain the conversations he had upon arriving in west London with director Marina Granovskaia, who runs the club for billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

“She made it very clear to me that when you sign for Chelsea you have to win trophies. Well, not that you have to win, but you have to compete for them, ”he said.

“This club is all about competing to win the most difficult competitions: the Premier League and the Champions League. It is absolutely no secret.

“There are even managers who have won titles and been sacked. You have one sitting in front of you – it happened to me around Christmas, winning a few titles and getting fired.

“At the end of the day, I think what everyone is looking for is a nice guy, a tough guy, a trophy winner guy who’s funny and good looking, but that doesn’t exist. So I hope I’m that guy who can [bring the right] characteristics for a time and a certain period in this club.

“It already means a lot to me because I had three of my best days as a manager coming here. Hope it will last longer, but the demands are high. Hope we can make everyone’s wishes come true because it means my wishes come true too.

Chelsea will face Burnley on Sunday after Tuchel drew 0-0 with Wolves at Stamford Bridge.