New requirement for passengers for Covid 19 : Ghulam Sarwar Khan

New requirement for passengers for Covid 19 : Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Pakistan declared that all travelers entering the nation should convey a credible clinical testament that affirms a negative test result for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Pakistan’s pastor for avionics, said this choice has been taken as a feature of the administration’s endeavors to contain coronavirus.

“All travelers making a trip to Pakistan would be required to give an ensured duplicate of test result for Covid-19 through RT-PCR directed during the 24-hour time frame preceding loading onto the flight,” he said.

He said that the test outcome must incorporate the name and identification number of the traveler. The first test outcome would be required at the disembarkation air terminal in Pakistan. All aircrafts are required to consent to this obligatory prerequisite.

The condition would stay set up till April 4, he included.

For active flights, he said every single global traveler will initially be tried for coronavirus, and a ticket will be given to them to travel abroad just on the off chance that they test negative.

He said the Federal Cabinet has concluded that every single household air terminal except for the Gwadar and Turbat air terminal will be opened for worldwide flights. Flights that are showing up will be purified by means of a compound shower. Local flight travelers will be screened on both showing up and withdrawing areas.

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