Meera pledges PM Imran Khan to send flight to US urgent!

Meera pledges PM Imran Khan to send flight to US urgent!

Eera, who is currently stranded in New York, has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to help her return to Pakistan.

In a video message sent to Geo News, Meera said she had gone to the United States to shoot her next Long Distance movie. She shared that while the rest of her colleagues, including Humayun Saeed, had managed to return home, she was stranded in New York.

“It is 2:00 am in New York City and I am stuck in my room and talking to you (PM Imran). He had come to New York with various artists, including Humayun Saeed, for the filming of a movie and a show. My colleagues have returned to Pakistan but I am trapped in New York, ”Meera said in the video, adding that she had no savings and was running out of resources.
Meera explained that New York has become a large cemetery and that her Chinese cameraman had also recently passed away. She said she did not want to die in a foreign country. New York has reported more than 10,000 deaths from COVID-19.

“Dear Prime Minister, you have always supported artists. All countries are returning their citizens to their home countries. I ask him to arrange for my repatriation to Pakistan, since I wish to die in my country, “he urged.

Speaking on the phone with this correspondent, Meera said that all the actors have returned, but only she and actor Saud, who is currently in Dallas, remain in the United States.

She appealed to Prime Minister Khan and the Government of Pakistan to assist her as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Ishrat Made in China, who were stranded in Thailand for nearly two weeks, recently returned on a special government-organized flight.

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