Mark Clattenburg continues feud with Jurgen Klopp over awarding penalties

Mark Clattenburg has hit Jurgen Klopp – again – for his Manchester United penalty jibe as the duo continue their verbal back-and-forth.

The former Premier League referee accused the Liverpool boss of attempting to influence officials following his recent comments on the number of penalties awarded to rival Man Utd.

Klopp was quick to respond to Clattenburg’s accusations, dismissing the suggestion that he was playing mind games from Sir Alex Ferguson in an attempt to influence decisions in his side’s favor.

Klopp and Clattenburg in a more harmonious era | IAN KINGTON / Getty Images

However, Clattenburg responded to Klopp’s response, insisting the German knows exactly what he’s doing – and again comparing him to Ferguson.

“Jurgen Klopp says he ‘doesn’t have the skills for mind games,’” Clattenburg wrote in his MailOnline Sport column. “So it will be the same Klopp who gets up and watches the opposing team warm up before the game ?! He knows what he’s doing, he’s incredibly smart, that’s why he’s one of the best managers we’ve had in the Premier League.

“Klopp once tried to look at me outside before a game. That’s good, he has a presence and an aura that he uses for the benefit of his team. ” I also think he’s getting tangy because of Liverpool’s recent form. I’ve seen him with him before, he’s not a good loser. Ferguson either. They look more alike than he might think. “

Jurgen klopp
Klopp has talked about a number of things this season | Robin Jones / Getty Images

The war of words between the two was sparked by Klopp’s comments following Liverpool’s loss to Southampton, with the Reds boss saying: “I now hear Manchester United have had more penalties in two years than I have was in five and a half years. ”

This prompted Clattenburg to write a lengthy column in Mail on the subject, writing: “He looks like a hypocrite if he suggests United players are looking to win penalties. The likes of Mo Salah and (Sadio) Mane are equally capable of employing similar employees. tactical.”

It is not known whether Klopp and Clattenburg actually spoke to each other directly or if they simply communicate through press conferences and tabloid newspaper columns.