Liverpool’s ‘monster’ offer for Merih Demiral looks suspect for a number of reasons

Liverpool were the star attraction on deadline day, keeping Jim White’s spirits up by making transfers not for one but of them defenders Monday before the window closes.

Preston’s Ben Davies arrived at a lukewarm welcome reception, before Ozan Kabak was confirmed later that night, after his parent club, Schalke, toned down his outing (or perhaps made matters worse?) In signing Shkodran Mustafi from Arsenal.

While neither Davies nor Kabak represented the kind of ‘landmark’ finish to appease the barking dogs of Football Twitter, they add much-needed numbers to Jurgen Klopp’s backline amid a frightening injury crisis that has claimed so far all centers of the club.

It seemed for a while that Liverpool would not be making any moves in that window, although a late season injury to Joel Matip appears to have been the catalyst for the council’s action.

Davies and Kabak weren’t the only targets for Liverpool, with stories on Duje Caleta-Car’s girlfriend Instagram stories, relief jets and offers for David Carmo and Sven Botman circling and whipping fans in a frenzy before the conclusion of Monday night.

A name that was not However, Merih Demiral, Juventus center-back and Ozan Kabak’s international teammate, has been mentioned by the usual big name reports.

Sport Mediaset has since claimed that Liverpool, in their rush for Deadline Day, made an offer of € 57million (£ 50million) for Demiral before turning to Kabak.

Merih Demiral
Merih Demiral, target of Liverpool? | Jonathan Moscrop / Getty Images

The report said the ‘monster’ offer was quickly rejected by Juve, before Liverpool investigated elsewhere.

While sure to get people talking (and above all: clicking), the story seems surprising and suspicious for several reasons.

First, if Demiral was a January target for Liverpool, why was he the only one in this price bracket, with the other options representing a lot lower cost offers?

Even Marseille’s Caleta-Car, the most expensive of Liverpool’s best-known options, was only sold for around £ 20million.

Liverpool’s final activity, which totaled less than £ 2million upfront with only optional fees for Kabak later, appears to represent their current economic situation, with funds limited by a risk-averse board feeling the pinching.

Speaking in Davies’ announcement, Klopp even bluntly admitted that a Preston player would not have been on Liverpool’s radar under normal circumstances.

“I think it’s probably clear that in a normal transfer window, with no issues, we wouldn’t be looking at Preston if there is a player for us or something like that. It’s not really likely, ”Klopp said, in comments that appear a little awkward in presenting a player’s club.

In Deloitte’s Money League rankings, Liverpool’s revenue is estimated to be down 8% from the previous year due to the coronavirus, while the FSG-under club has generally operated within its means in the market. transfers – even before the crisis.

Demiral in action for Turkey | OZAN ​​KOSE / Getty Images

In addition to financial question marks, Demiral, 22, while a good center-back, has recently suffered from his own serious injury issues.

The Turkey international missed 20 appearances for Juventus as he suffered a cruciate ligament injury (see also: Van Dijk and Gomez) last January and has only started six times in Serie A this season while ‘he continues his recovery. In addition, he was also struck by other fitness issues that kept him from being away for much of the past two months.

While it’s not impossible to imagine the former Sassuolo star as being of interest to the Reds this summer or later, his price tag and injury record ultimately make it highly unlikely that the notoriously astute transfer operators. from Liverpool have made such an offer – even in the heat of Deadline Day madness.