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Lionel Messi claims Bartomeu ‘cheated’ him on multiple occasions, reveals why he sent Burofax


One of the most intriguing sections of Lionel Messi’s in-depth interview with La Sexta on Sunday night concerned his troubled relationship, now former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The club chief left in October amid the scandal on and off the pitch, prompting elections to be held in January for Barca’s top job.

Bartomeu was known to be at odds with Messi for much of 2020, with Messi’s failed attempt to force an exit during the summer, possibly the straw of the president’s doomed tenure.

Lionel messi
Messi endured his toughest year at Barcelona yet | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

Asked by interviewer Jordi Evole about how Bartomeu cheated on him, Messi responded with a laugh: “In many areas the truth is in many areas.

“I prefer not to talk about private things that have happened, I won’t go into what was said and what was promised, but I can assure you that many times in several years.”

Messi also said that despite his love for Barcelona, ​​he has no regrets for sending the now infamous burofax transfer request, insisting he has no regrets, such was his desperation with Bartomeu.

“It’s a way to formalize it and make it official,” said the Argentine. “You say you want to go but you don’t do anything to do it.

“I told him [Bartomeu] all year round, not all year round but the last six months I have told the president several times that I was leaving, that I wanted to leave, to help me, that I wanted to leave and he no, no, no. It was a way of saying that I want to take it seriously. “

In the interview, Messi was also asked about the upcoming elections, which are due to take place on January 24.

The difficult relationship between Messi and Bartomeu has made headlines at Barcelona all year | MANU FERNANDEZ / Getty Images

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner insisted that if he is a “social” club, he does not know if he will vote.

“I prefer not to position myself with anyone because if they already say that I am running the club, imagine if I say that I want a president,” added Messi. “I’d rather not do it and hope it’s the best for the club.

It will not be easy to change the situation because of the pandemic problem and it will not be easy to reverse it all, but I hope whoever wins does things right to get the club back, how awesome, in the position where he deserves it, which does not exist today. ”

During the interview, Messi also discussed his immediate future as the January transfer window approaches and a surprising desire to play in MLS.