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Lampard admits struggling Chelsea ‘lost some of the bases’ amid poor form


The former Blues midfielder faces a battle for his job, having lost five of the club’s last eight Premier League games

Chelsea manager under fire, Frank Lampard, admitted his side had “lost some bases” as their difficult journey continued.

Lampard saw his position called into question amid Chelsea’s collapse, as the Blues fell to ninth in the Premier League table after losing five of their last eight league games.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup game against Luton Town on Sunday, Lampard said that while his team’s identity has not changed, the lack of results means they have to get back to basics.

“It’s interesting, because when you play well and win, your identity is really clear and it’s something you want to shout from the rooftops,” Lampard said.

“And when you’re not playing well, people question your identity, especially when you’re a relatively new manager.

“So it’s important that I’m the one who holds it dear and say, ‘Hey guys, the things we were doing well, the identity we had that was winning us games, that hasn’t changed, but we have to come back to something because we have lost some basics. ‘”

Chelsea’s latest loss came on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Leicester City, and Lampard has admitted he hopes to instill the same attitude in his side that Leicester appear to have based on a post-match interview with the Starring midfielder James Maddison.

“I thought it was a really important thing when I listened to James Maddison speak after the Leicester game and he spoke about Brendan Rodgers, a manager I have a lot of admiration for,” Lampard said .

“It was the following message: ‘If you don’t run, you don’t play’.

“If I want to start my identity, that’s how I start it. From the minute I walked into this club it was, ‘Can we run and be really good and efficient off the ball and on the ball? Can we have energy in the team?

“It’s the first thing I want to see and it’s something we’ve definitely given up on, no doubt about it.”

Although Lampard is having a difficult time, he also took the opportunity to offer some perspective. As a well-paid coach of a huge football club, Lampard has said he will never face the same hardships many are experiencing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a very important point. I’ve already mentioned that I’m Chelsea manager and a Chelsea fan, and who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect? ” Said Lampard.

“So I do this in these tough times and I can come to work and put on this tracksuit and feel proud to wear it, when a lot of people are suffering all over the country, all over the world, people are dying, every day the numbers are increasing.

“And when I see that and feel that, we all hope we have the compassion to look around clearly and see people losing their jobs. People are struggling with their livelihoods and this is a massive prospect of the so-called pressures or struggles.

“I really think so. I want to be a success, so when we go through a series of matches and don’t win, I look for the solutions and the answers, and I will fight for them.

“And then I expect that from the players on the pitch. But it’s not the worst pressure, it’s good pressure, I love doing that with my life and the prospect of what’s going on in the world is huge.