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Kazuyoshi Miura, 53, continues to defy logic by signing new contract with Yokohama FC


Kazuyoshi Miura, 53, is not yet finished being a professional footballer.

The former Japan international, who broke great Stanley Matthews’ records as the top scorer and player in a top domestic division, joined Yokohama FC in 2005 and has managed to extend his contract year after year.

Kazuyoshi Miura
Miura signed a new contract | Masashi Hara / Getty Images

He only managed 67 minutes of action in the J1 League last season, 42 less than last year, but that didn’t scare Yokohama. The club took to their official website to announce that Miura has received a new one-year extension at Mitsuzawa Stadium.

“I have renewed my contract with Yokohama FC for the 2021 season,” said Miura. “Last season, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the world was in a difficult situation, but thanks to various people, we can play football again.

“I was able to play when I felt good. It was a season in which I personally struggled, but my aspirations and my passion for football only increase. I will play more games this season and help the team win. I would like to work there everyday. It’s my aim. “

This new contract means the man known as King Kazu in Japan will play beyond his 54th birthday. 54.

Let it flow. He will be 54 years old and still playing professional football in the upper division from his country. Maybe he plays so few games because he has to spend so much time defending his fountain of youth.

Miura hasn’t hit double in appearances since 2017, when he managed 12 outings for Yokahama at the second tier in Japan.

Kazuyoshi Miura
Miura hopes to play until she turns 60 | Hiroki Watanabe / Getty Images

His last goal for the club also came during this season. Miura scored his team’s winner in a 1-0 victory over Thespakusatsu Gunma in March – a goal that made him the oldest player to score in Japanese professional football at the age of 50 and 14 days.

This is just one of the many records Miura has broken over the course of his career, and if he gets his wish to play until the age of 60, there may be a few more to come. add to history books.

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