Kaneria Addresses Teammates ‘Accusations Of Religious Discrimination

Former speedster of Pakistan, Shoaib Akhtar recently raged against a storm with the controversial comment of Danish Kanería’s former co-workers accusing religious discrimination. After his maternal uncle Anil Dalpat, Kaneria, one of Pakistan’s best successful spinners, was Pakistan’s only the second Hindu player.

He was the key player in Pakistan’s 2-0 victory but given his highly regarded contribution to Pakistan cricket, Kaneria was probably stopped, as he trusted, from sitting at a similar table as others. Kaneria’s match-winning effort in the 2005 Test series with England was acknowledged by Akhtar.

“So what if someone is a Hindu, he is doing well for the team. They used to say ‘sir ye yaaha se khaana kaise le raha hain’ (how is he taking food from this place)? The same Hindu won the Test for us against England. If he is taking a bagful of wickets for Pakistan, he should play,” Akhtar had said during a local TV show.

In 61 tests Kaneria had an excellent career with Pakistan, taking 261 wickets, on average, at a rate of 34.79 for a national jersey. After an alleged fixed fiasco in England’s county league, he was later banned from cricket.

In response to Akhtar’s remarks, Kaneria claimed that the statements of the Rawalpindi Express were valid and that he was to reveal the identity of the players who discriminated in due course against him.

“I will soon reveal their names to those who have not helped me. Having said this, I feel happy and honored to play for Pakistan,” said Kaneria.

Danish Kaneria has been pivotal to Pakistan’s Test victories ever since his debut and he became the leading wicket-taker for Pakistan in Test matches as a leg-spinner. Kaneria also revealed the whole details of the story on his YouTube Channel where he explained all the wrongdoings explained by Akhtar.

This incident has caused a lot of anger in the cricketing circles and people are criticizing the Rawalpindi Express for exposing such a sensitive issue.

Kaneria also said that his financial conditions after his ban have further worsened and nobody is helping him included the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Kaneria had, according to sources, already asked the BCCI to help in pursuing his case to clear his name a few years ago. He had been banned from cricket in 2012 because of accusation fixing. Kaneria has played 61 test matches for Pakistan and has recorded a total of 261 wickets of an average of 34.79.

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq also reacted to Kaneria’s incident and said that he never sensed anything like that when Danish was playing under his captaincy. Inzamam-ul-Haq also added that Danish has played most of his Tests for Pakistan under his captaincy and he never felt something like that in his tenure.

He also mentioned the example of Mohammad Yousaf who was Yousaf Youhana before he was converted to Islam and said that Yousaf was also a minority and he also didn’t felt anything like that during his career.

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