Jose Mourinho calls postponement of Fulham game ‘unprofessional’

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho has once again highlighted his frustration over the Premier League’s decision to postpone his side’s meeting with Fulham on Wednesday.

Fulham was hit with a handful of positive COVID-19 tests in preparation for the match, but the Premier League waited until three hours before the match before officially postponing the meeting.

The delay prompted an extremely bitter Instagram post from Mourinho, who joked that the “best league in the world” could be so disorganized, and he continued to express his confusion over the decision at a press conference Friday.

“I don’t want to talk too much about it,” he said (via “Just to say that I felt [it was] unprofessional but it’s like that or it’s like that.

“Of course [it was disruptive], we were getting ready for this game and of course we didn’t play and that disrupts what a working week is. The workouts before that, of course, would be different if we were going to play this game.

Jose mourinho
Mourinho considered the decision disruptive | Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty Images

“So people can think good for you because you haven’t played, good for me if I haven’t played – and I know I don’t play because then I might have a different cycle in the sessions. training. But not to play and not to train as one would like the previous days, of course, does not help. “

It was the third game the Premier League had been forced to call off this season and the second in a row after Manchester City’s decision to postpone Manchester City’s encounter with Everton prompted some to suspend the entire competition again.

Mourinho was asked if he felt the Premier League should continue to continue, but the Spurs boss was quick to point out that it was not his.

“We are in a position where I don’t think opinions matter,” he added. “Of course my opinion doesn’t matter. I think you feel from the start of everything I’ve always been in favor of playing, I’ve always been in favor of making every possible sacrifice to play.

“But when you come into a situation that for me is very, very doubtful, I prefer not to talk and just to be ready, to be ready. And to think that tomorrow we will play. ”

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