Jordan Henderson announces his role as champion of NHS Charities Together

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has announced he has become the first official ‘champion’ of the NHS Charities Together. This follows his work last spring when he launched #PlayersTogether to help support and fundraise for the NHS in the fight against the coronavirus.

The #PlayersTogether call generated funds to help those battling the pandemic on the NHS frontline. Henderson will now take on a broader role, which will highlight the work being done by various NHS charities and long-term and short-term support goals.

“As part of my involvement with NHS Ensemble charities, I have heard firsthand NHS staff talk about the challenges they face and how donations make such a difference to them. As the official charity champion, I will do what I can to highlight the incredible work that NHS charities do to support the NHS, ”Henderson explained in a video posted to Twitter.

“My relationship with NHS Charities Together started in April with the launch of the #PlayersTogether Covid-19 call and with family members who work for the NHS I know the impact of the pandemic as well as anyone. levels. I was also extremely grateful to the NHS for the care they provided to my father last year when he was treated for cancer.

The money Henderson will help raise with NHS Charities Together will be distributed to various NHS charities across the country, providing “all the support that will make the biggest difference to staff, volunteers and patients”.

Jordan henderson
Henderson previously led the #PlayersTogether call for the NHS | Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

This could include setting up means for isolated patients to talk to their loved ones, provide spaces for staff to rest during long shifts and provide psychological support. In the community, funds could help support hospices and community health and social care. There is also additional support for those disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, including patients and staff in BAME communities and people with disabilities.

Henderson went on to explain, “In the longer term, the money raised will also fund programs to help staff and families fully recover once the crisis has subsided, thereby reducing the long-term impact on them and on their lives. the people they care about.

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