Javed Miandad is not happy with spot-fixers

Javed Miandad is not happy with spot-fixers

Previous Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for excusing players engaged with spot-fixing.

While talking in a YouTube video, Miandad expressed that such players ought to be hanged for bringing their nation name into unsavoriness.

“Players who are associated with spot-fixing ought to be seriously rebuffed. These things conflict with the lessons of our religion [Islam] and ought to be dealt with as needs be,” he said. “The individuals who bring these players back ought to be embarrassed about themselves.”

“PCB can’t the best thing by pardoning them. Spot-fixers ought to be hanged in light of the fact that it is like murdering somebody thus the discipline ought to likewise be on similar lines. A model ought to be set with the goal that no players even considers accomplishing something like this,” he included.

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He further expressed that these exercises are not satisfactory on compassionate grounds.

“I will clarify this from a profound point of view since players who do spot-fixing and betting are not true with their folks and relatives. These exercises are bad at all on compassionate grounds and such individuals don’t have the right to live,” he said. “It is so natural for players to engage in these degenerate practices, bring in cash and afterward return into the side through their sources.”

He asked cricketers to become famous by performing great on the field as opposed to embracing such degenerate practices.

“Cricket is down which spread bliss. At the point when you score a hundred the whole country commends it. At the point when we won the World Cup, the whole world adulated us,” he said.

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