James Maddison posts photo of amazing backyard garden

No matter who you are, you’ve likely experienced some level of boredom over the past 10 months of confinement, social distancing, and isolation.

There is no doubt that you run out of languages ​​to claim to learn on Duolingo, have watched nearly every series on Netflix, and broken your personal 5k walk six or seven times.

What we all need is those uninspiring times, it’s a garden like James Maddison’s.

The Leicester midfielder recently posted a photo from his backyard to Instagram, and the response has been phenomenal.

The centerpiece of the garden is the set of two large football goals in the back corner. They’re perfectly spaced so Maddison can practice his trademark, 25-yard, plunging free-kick, although he admitted training there came with risks.

When SPORTbible described his garden as a set-up ‘dream’, the England international replied: “Until I spoon it out, make me the kitchen window?”. To you and me, he says it’s a dream until he blows it up and smashes his kitchen window.

James maddison
Maddison is still dangerous in dead ball situations | Octavio Passos / Getty Images

However, the practice of free kicks is not their only use. Imagine having access to a half-pitch during a summer barbecue. Huge sliding tackles on your nan, leaving an elbow on your young cousin and humiliating your dad with a delicious nutmeg in front of the whole family – that’s what dreams are made of.

It’s not the only garden feature that gets languages ​​moving. In a design choice that didn’t surprise anyone, Maddison appears to have modeled an area on the set of Love Island. It is complete with a covered veranda, a fire pit and sharper edges than a decagon.

For most of us, this setup is a pipedream, which is probably a good thing. If any of the best free kickers in the Premier League is afraid of breaking windows, we dread to think about what kind of damage we would do …

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