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James Maddison discusses Leicester City’s Champions League ambitions


Leicester City midfielder James Maddison wants to play Champions League football with the Foxes and wants to make the Premier League’s top-four to qualify after moving closer in July.

Leicester occupied one of the top four spots for most of last season, thanks in large part to a strong start to the campaign. But poor results from Christmas saw them fall in the “project restart” and place fifth – which was only enough to enter the Europa League instead.

Brendan Rodgers and James Maddison
Leicester are determined to finish in the top four this season | Julian Finney / Getty Images

In 2020/21, Brendan Rodgers’ side are back in the squad for a Champions League spot and have yet to drop below fourth. Consistency is more important than ever this season.

“I think with Leicester we were so close to Champions League football last season and when I was a kid we used to have Champions League nights and I always wanted to play in the Champions League, ”Maddison said.

“We missed last year unfortunately, but this European goal is a constant process. We are traveling with the manager and the team. You can’t just jump. Champions League football would be beautiful but as cliché as it sounds we have to take it game by game.

“It’s a weird season this one obviously without fans and with shocking results.”

Maddison himself is now back to playing regularly 90 minutes after being forced to miss last season’s crucial last six games and be reinstated as a substitute when that one started.

“Personally, I just want to keep improving. I feel like I’m improving with each season. More experience, more maturity and my numbers increase every season at Leicester. I hope I can improve this further. I try to keep my goals short term, ”he said.

“Let’s say I want to score 15 goals in the season and then you have a four or five game go without scoring. It can play on your mind a bit. If you set short-term goals for yourself, you might get there in the end. “

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