“It was a joke” – Tuchel clarifies controversial PSG comments which he says have not been translated correctly

The German coach is not happy that his offhand commentary not only got published, but also failed to convey what he really meant.

Thomas Tuchel enjoys the challenge of managing Paris Saint-Germain and insists it has been mistranslated by suggesting that the job is more about politics than coaching.

PSG closed 2020 with a routine 4-0 victory over Strasbourg in Ligue 1 on Wednesday thanks to goals from Timothee Pembele, Kylian Mbappe, Idrissa Gueye and Moise Kean.

Hours before the game, an interview with Tuchel was published by SPORT1 in which the German opened up to the demands of managing such a large club.

The 47-year-old has said it can be difficult to keep players such as Neymar and Mbappe happy, while admitting it is “sad” that his achievements are often downplayed.

Tuchel also reportedly said he felt more like “a sports politician or sports minister than a coach” during his first season in the French capital.

However, Tuchel tried to clarify the comments when questioned following his side’s victory over Strasbourg.

“I didn’t say it was more about politics than sport, nor that I had lost the pleasure of training. This is not true, ”he said. Canal +. “It is possible that they translated incorrectly.

“Watch the video interview. I just said that PSG are unique and that it is a big challenge for me. It has always been like this. I love this challenge and nothing has changed. ”

Asked again about the interview at his post-match press conference, Tuchel added: “I gave a video interview to a reporter who told me to do an article on German coaches.

“This is not an interview for him. It’s not allowed. I was making a joke in German. The translation is not correct. We cannot translate word for word. It was a joke while we were talking and it’s not allowed. ”

PSG begin the mid-season break in third position in Ligue 1, one point behind Lyon and Lille after their victories over Nantes and Montpellier respectively.

The defending champions took the lead in 18 minutes thanks to Pembele, but had to wait 11 minutes before Mbappe added a second from close range.

Two more goals from substitutes Gueye and Kean followed late in a game led by the home side, seeing 69 percent of the ball and putting eight shots on target against both of their opponents.

“It was a solid performance from us,” Tuchel said. “And that after a very demanding first half. I’m very happy today because it was a victory we deserved. ”

“We were still missing a lot of players due to injuries, but we were serious and disciplined in our game. It’s a big compliment to the team.

“Our ranking in the table is what it is, but we know why we are here. It would have been harder to take if we didn’t know the reasons.

“I’m happy because the team has shown in the last two games that we can play well.”