Is Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan Back?


We all know that Ayesha Khan left showbiz after her wedding in April 2018. We were all heartbroken to have seen someone as talented as her to leave showbiz. Her marriage with Major Uqbah Malik was beautiful and we couldn’t help but swoon at their wedding pictures.

Recently the best photographer in Islamabad, Niaz Ali, who also covered Hamza Weds Naimal, posted pictures of Ayesha Khan, Bushra Ansari and Ahsan Khan on his Instagram and Facebook. People were shocked and happy at the same time that maybe Ayesha Khan is making a comeback into the showbiz industry. After a lot of speculation, it was later cleared up that this photoshoot was taken before her marriage in march 2018 and has only been posted now.

The photoshoot is of a television advertisement of Top City 1 made by Star Marketing. The pictures are so homey and beautiful and depict a perfect family.

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Although Ayesha Khan has made her decision and doesn’t wish to come back to showbiz, we do wish her all the happiness in her married life. We also do ensure that if she does decide to come back to showbiz her loving fans will welcome her with open arms.

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