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Inter unable to pay first installment of Ashraf Hakimi transfer to Real Madrid


Inter’s finances have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, and things are going so badly that the Italian side have not been able to pay their first installment of their deal to sign Real’s Achraf Hakimi Madrid.

The Nerazzurri have reached a deal to bring back right-back Hakimi from Spain for the best part of £ 40million, agreeing to share the costs to help them pay the deal.

Achraf Hakimi
Hakimi was excellent in Milan | Gabriele Maltinti / Getty Images

As La Repubblica noted, the original plan was for Inter to pay around £ 9million in December, but the Serie A side found themselves unable to meet the deadline and were instead forced to renegotiate a new date.

Inter met with Real to discuss the situation, and the two sides agreed to postpone the payment until March 30.

The drama does not end there, however. Inter’s finances are so bad that the first team are still waiting to receive their salaries for July and August.

Antonio Conte
Conte knows all about struggles | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

The players sympathized with the club’s current struggles and expected to receive those salaries by September, but they still haven’t arrived. Inter have until February 16 to pay before risking being tied down.

The owners of the club, the Suning Group, are now considering entering into an urgent deal to sell the club to England group BC Partners, which is currently assessing Inter’s financial situation.

The BC partners are debating what they should offer the club, but it is believed that other organizations are willing to make an offer if the opportunity arises.

“I hope everything can be resolved in the best way,” Conte said of Inter’s struggles following Sunday’s 2-0 win over Juventus. “I already knew in August that there were problems, they continue to exist. We hope everything will be for the best, for the good of Inter and for us. ”

The atmosphere at the club is still considered generally positive. Conte has been working hard to keep morale up, and the team’s impressive performances in Serie A – they’re currently at the top with rivals AC Milan, who have a game going – obviously helped.

However, all is not going well at Inter, and time is running out for them to find a solution if they are to avoid costly penalties.

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