Innovative Energy Medicine

How frequently have you heard or read a thing in terms of a magic supplement or

food, only to head out, buy it, as well as be totally disappointed that it did not work – or worse – you truly felt worse after taking it?


Can you know you can find 5 metabolic imbalances, and according to what type of

imbalances you have that is how you need to adjust the supplementation of yours and your diet to slow aging?

What’s the solution?

Effectively right here it’s in a nutshell: We all know about the 5 metabolic imbalances or five fundamental balances. They are as follows: water/electrolyte balance, anaerobic/

dysaerobic balance, sympathetic/parasympathetic balance, glucogenic/ketogenic balance, and acid/alkaline balance. Pathology reflects the function in the

fundamental balances of sufficient duration or intensity to contribute to tissue destruction or perhaps degeneration.

These metabolic control systems figure out how efficiently the body of yours as well as mind work. They control your energy production, function of the heart, circulation, brain

and central nervous system, efficiency of assimilation and digestion of nutrients, command

chemical balance in your blood as well as cells, regulate the hormone balance of yours, help you

effectively eliminate the dangerous waste material of metabolism, and reduce the degenerative changes connected with the aging process.

Example: Everyone understands we require calcium, but have you thought about the individual that takes it and becomes constipated? They determine that calcium is not good for them.

It’s the type of calcium which is not ideal for them, not calcium on the whole. We work

with 9 different types of calcium, that are individually precision-tracked. Every single a

of these forms of calcium has a totally different impact on your aging and metabolism.

Example: For instance, we all recognize that vitamin C is an extremely helpful anti oxidant, but

with the tests of ours, we demonstrate that specific people enter into hypo glycemic crisis from vitamin C. In others it is able to push a diabetic into keto advanced 1500 company (just click the following webpage)-acidosis. Vitamin C is

promoted as an anti-oxidant, however, few individuals know that it can work as an oxidant and cause free radical oxidation damage, and actually accelerate aging. At certain

dosages it actually antagonizes and eliminates the activity of vitamin E. Vitamin C could

destroy the pH control of particular patients, making them considerably more susceptible to certain physical as well as psychological conditions. It is able to elevate cholesterol levels in some

patients. It is able to deplete the body of vital minerals like calcium and

magnesium. Vitamin C can thus deplete somebody of copper that the blood vessels

start to digest and the heart is weakened. Yet so many people are

supplementing themselves with big doses of vitamin C with the idea that since it is a vitamin, it have to be innocuous.