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‘I can’t speak of patience’ – Chelsea boss Lampard unsure if he will have time to build at Stamford Bridge


Blues boss admitted he may have to reverse results quickly amid increasing pressure on his job

Frank Lampard has addressed speculation around his potential dismissal at Chelsea after a string of poor results called his managerial position into question.

Chelsea have won only one of their last six Premier League games and a loss to Morecambe to Ligue 2 in the FA Cup third round on Sunday would bring even more embarrassment.

Yet for Lampard this season has been about playing down expectations, even in a 16-game unbeaten streak that saw the Blues dominate the Premier League for a brief period.

With 11 players having only one year of experience or less in the Premier League, Lampard believes the recent drop was to be expected. However, he knows that owner Roman Abramovich’s patience is limited, and that he is powerless to convince him to wait for success.

“I’ve been sitting here for the last year at 18 months and talked about how the club came together and the decisions we were making last year,” Lampard told reporters at Cobham Training Center. “We couldn’t bring in any players. We have lost our most important player (Eden Hazard).

“The young players who arrived were developing. We understand that it may not be a straight line but rather a bumpy curve. We went through last season this way and last summer we brought in players. I can only speak the way I see it. I am the one who works with the players. “

Lampard mentioned Jurgen Klopp’s comments last month, in which the Liverpool boss suggested Chelsea were the favorites to win the Premier League.

“We have a young team and new players coming in, so when people want to say we have the strongest team, a month ago the reality is we had a team of players, some of them them new, and they did not play. to levels from previous years to earn your titles. It was my feeling, ”Lampard said.

“If you look sideways and upwards at the teams winning titles when they have players who have produced record numbers of goals, top three, front lines producing numbers. We have absolute talent in our team – without a doubt – and I hope and expect that with work our guys can become those kind of players, but we are not there yet, that is. is why I said it.

“Patience, very good. I don’t think I can talk about patience in football, it’s not my prerogative and those decisions are never mine.

“My decision is to wake up every day and try to get that little improvement every day in the team, but understand and have a calm head that there are days when football doesn’t get you. will not allow to navigate.

“This will give you tough times, so when I say we’re not a finished article I think I’m pretty much stating a fact, but what’s important is that you stick together really – speaking of me, the staff and the players. – in difficult times.

“And they’re tough, but when you think about it, we had 16 unbeaten games, we lost four out of six games, we won one and took one out of the rest, and that’s a given.

“Now we have to say, ‘OK, can we go back to the basics that got us 16 undefeated games?’ and then can we build further because that’s our real desire – to get better. I don’t need to overdo it with the words of patience because these things will be out of my hands. “

The Chelsea squad are on average 26, which is close to the youngest in the league, but the squad are also one of the deepest.

The 25-man squad includes five center-backs, three left-backs and a host of options in midfield and attacking. This has led some players to become unhappy with stars like Marcos Alonso and Fikayo Tomori who hardly appear all season.

Chelsea are open to letting players go, but the coronavirus pandemic has hit the football economy hard, making it difficult for big clubs to sell players with high salaries.

“I realized quite quickly in this work that if we win or lose, but especially if we lose some games, when I have to have more players to not start, there will be players who want to play,” added Lampard. . .

“Some will use it with real positivity, others maybe not so much. Some might speak behind their backs because that’s how life is. I can’t be concerned about this. All I can say is that the players here, I think, have a desire to come out of this poor result miniseries, I can see it in them.

“If there are players who don’t have this concern to go out, then they have decisions to make. If there are any opportunities for them to leave it will have to be good for them, for the club, for me and the club so it can happen, otherwise we keep fighting.

“I never went into this job thinking for a minute that I’m going to have a team of about 25 players who are going to say, ‘I love not to play football.’

“We’ll see what happens with the squad because we’re in a very difficult time in terms of Covid and what the transfer market looks like, so everything that happens player by player has to be good for the club, before everything, for the player, according to the contracts, and myself. So it is not easy. “