Top Five Dramas of Pakistani Actor Humayun Saeed


Humayun Saeed has added to media outlets of Pakistan in a bigger number of ways than one. A portion of the Humayun Saeed shows which he has worked in and furthermore delivered are viewed as works of art. Humayun Saeed has a similar screen nearness on the little screen which he has on the big screen. He likewise claims two of the greatest creation houses in the nation and along these lines he has given the watchers quality dramatizations as well as probably the most elevated netting Pakistani movies. Humayun Saeed dramatizations right currently even are over the appraisals graph. His acting in these shows is consistently being valued by everybody. Of late, Humayun Saeed chose to take up those ventures as an on-screen character on the little screen which spoke to him a great deal.

He is certainly in a position which enables him to have total opportunity to pick the sort of activities which he finds have substance. This is the motivation behind why of late Humayun Saeed has done a portion of his best work. Humayun Saeed is likewise one of those not many stars who acknowledge analysis entire heartedly and significantly after so long, he recognizes the way that there is consistently opportunity to get better. Humayun Saeed is committed to his work which makes him a performer who is constantly thinking of energizing ventures for the watchers.

Curiously enough, every show Humayun Saeed has worked in of late has been viewed as his rebound venture since he takes long breaks before showing up on TV. Humayun Saeed ensured that he made every one of these ‘rebounds’ tally by giving one extraordinary execution after the other.

Here is a list of the best dramas starring Pakistani Actor Humayun Saeed in leading roles.

1. Mere Pass Tum Ho

Top Five Dramas of Humayun Saeed

Writer: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Director: Nadeem Baig
Producer: Six Sigma Plus

Insignificant Pass Tum Ho is over this rundown since this show has given Humayun Saeed so much achievement that he himself is flabbergasted by it. Negligible Pass Tum Ho is one of those uncommon dramatizations in which the male hero is the person in question and the female lead is assuming an antagonistic job. After quite a while the watchers are observing such a story. Since the male lead in the show played by Humayun Saeed has the feelings of the watchers thusly he is consistently the focal point of consideration in each scene. Humayun Saeed’s astounding presentation has been acknowledged by the overall population as well as by various famous people.

He has truly made the watchers cry with him more than once. His sensible exhibitions has caused the watchers to identify with his character at each progression and in each circumstance. Humayun Saeed had this content with him for a long time since he was truly keen on assuming the main job in the show however couldn’t see the time as a piece of this task. Since this venture was so near his heart, when it came to playing out the job and executing the task, he set up the best group together.

The outcome was a show which got record breaking evaluations thus much love from the watchers that the producers themselves were astonished by the reaction. Unimportant Pass Tum Ho is Humayun Saeed’s best execution, not just this, he has likewise delivered this show. For the second time Humayun Saeed assumed the job of an adoration stricken man however this time around this current man’s life was increasingly terrible. Insignificant Pass Tum Ho is unquestionably an absolute necessity watch dramatization for all the Humayun Saeed fans out there.


Writer: Faiza Iftikhar
Director: Nadeem Baig
Producer: Six Sigma Plus

It doesn’t come as an unexpected that another of the best exhibitions of Humayun Saeed originated from an undertaking which was made by his very own creation house. Dillagi was a show which won watchers back after they were to some degree frustrated with the job Humayun Saeed played in dramatization sequential Bin Roye. Dillagi can without much of a stretch be named as the most dominant exhibition of Humayun Saeed as of late which won him his viewership back on TV.

This was the first occasion when that Humayun Saeed played an overwhelming sentimental saint on screen. Humayun Saeed had done a lot of sentimental dramatizations before as well yet he was frequently observed as a powerless character who couldn’t remain by the side of the ladies he professed to adore. In spite of the fact that Humayun Saeed nailed those characters too however this was an invigorating change from the characters Humayun Saeed had been seen playing for a long time.

Top Five Dramas of Humayun Saeed

In Dillagi, the character that Humayun Saeed played was composed so well that it had a greater number of qualities than shortcomings. The discoursed and Humayun Saeed’s exhibition made this show another gigantic hit featuring Humayun Saeed. Humayun Saeed’s on-screen science with Mehwish Hayat added to the achievement of this show. It was simply after Dillagi’s prosperity that Humayun Saeed’s square buster film Punjan Nahi Jaun Gi was propelled, which was an extremely savvy move by the entertainer a maker. Humayun Saeed’s look and acting both in Dillagi were adored by all.

3. Doraha

Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Producer: 7th Sky Entertainment

Doraha publicized in 2008 when Humayun Saeed was running seventh Sky Entertainment. Subsequently, this is one more show on this rundown featuring Humayun Saeed which was likewise from his own creation house. Doraha till date is viewed as a great which ought not be missed. Humayun Saeed’s normal execution was persuading all through.

This was the tale of a man who genuinely was on the intersection on account of a portion of an inappropriate choices he made in his feeble minutes. Doraha was an altogether engaging and very passionate play. It is additionally perhaps the best content composed by Umera Ahmed which indicated that there is magnificence in basic narrating.

Top Five Dramas of Humayun Saeed

In a recent interview Humayun Saeed also shared that Doraha was one of his favorite plays even now. Even if the viewers tune in to this drama today, they will find themselves completely lost in the world of all the characters. Humayun Saeed’s acting was the best in Doraha.

4. Kafir

Writer: Abdul Khaliq Khan
Director: Shahid Shafaat
Producer: Six Sigma Plus

Kafir is the main play where Humayun Saeed played an abhorrent character. The dramatization itself was amazingly well known and the way that individuals despised Humayun Saeed in the job demonstrated how extraordinary his exhibition was. Kafir was another hit dramatization sequential which was likewise a spine chiller, a classification which is normally not investigated in Pakistani shows. This show had the watchers snared yet after this Humayun Saeed never featured in a hard and fast negative job. On the off chance that you are a fan who needs to perceive how great Humayun Saeed assuming a negative job then you should tune into this one. Kafir is a tempting play and yet it tends to upset as well.

Top Five Dramas of Humayun Saeed

5. Mehndi

Writer: Seema Ghazal
Director: Muhammad Javed Fazil
Producer: Jerjees Seja – Shamim Khursheed

Mehndi was a business play which got a great deal of accomplishment because of its star cast and even its OST was amazingly acclaimed. It broadcast in 2003. This dramatization indicated the tales of various recently marry couples and the issues they confronted. Humayun Saeed’s job and execution in this play was truly outstanding. His character was certainly one watchers could identify with and adored more than some other. The closure was additionally another motivation behind why the character played by Humayun Saeed in Mehndi remained in the brains of the watchers for a truly prolonged stretch of time.

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