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How you can Motivate Yourself by Pre Exposing a positive Outcome


effuel amazonThis particular motivation article is going to teach you exactly how to exploit the feeling of reward you get out of the completion of activities, by providing for your positive energy back into the cycle of pro activism. This week I have been practising an idea, that involves pre exposing the outcomes of yours to enhance your momentum, energy not to mention, your happiness.

Completion = Reward

The technique I have created depends on the principle that completing a dreaded or arduous task leaves you with a feeling of elation, fulfilment, satisfaction, whatever you like to call it. A painter completing a door gets pleasure from a task very well done, a writer such as myself seems immense fulfilment at completing a post which may guide individuals, along with a cook is relieved to realize that his cooking didn’t poison anybody. What the painter, the writer along with the cook most share, effuel ebay (go here) would be that whilst they might not look forward to getting right down to the nitty gritty of work, once they finnish the task, dealing with another one right away afterwards does not feel so intimidating anymore.

Reward = Happiness

What has happened with each one of these people, is they have pre-exposed a positive outcome for themselves. The completed door, the written report and the good quality food are all tangible proof of the reward that comes from working hard. The mental reward of feeling good about yourself is the vital, absolutely crucial factor in maintaining your momentum. You simply “feel like” doing more.

What if you might obtain- Positive Many Meanings – the same feeling of satisfaction and elation from, not simply doing large tasks like painting a door, but from approachable and simple incredibly tasks? This is the principle of my brand new method. The term simple, doesn’t do it justice:

Step 1: Make yourself do something extremely tiny also pretty positive, such as cleaning one plate.

Step 2: Repeat

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