How to Lower Blood sugar Levels – Best Herbal Remedy to Cure Diabetes Without Conventional Drugs

gluconite diabetesSix main categories of oral medicine were developed to manage Type 2 diabetes. Although these conventional drugs work, gluconite amazon (see this) numerous diabetics are searching for a safe and natural way to lower blood sugar levels. They’ve heard that some plants can treat diabetes efficiently without adverse reactions. Is it true? In this article I am going to demonstrate how Banaba leaf extract is able to cure Type 2 diabetes naturally and with no bad side-effects.



Queen’s Crape Myrtle, likewise known by its botanical name as Lagerstroemia Speciosa is a species of tree grown in exotic countries, principally in India and Philippines. Its common name Banaba comes out of the Tagalog language (Philippines) and also means’ pride of India’.

Main Active compound in Banaba leaves

gluconite chargeMain Active compound in Banaba leaves

Banaba leaves contain very high levels of colosolic acid (sometimes called corosolic acid) which includes the home to stimulate glucose transport into cells.

Banaba plus Diabetes

Banaba and Diabetes

In people with Type 2 diabetes, insulin is not able to produce its expected biological outcome. As the result sugar (glucose) cannot bond with mobile membrane correctly and accumulates in blood stream to really high level. Excess blood sugar damages arteries as well as organs.

For centuries, Banaba has long been made use of by Philippines (as a brewing tea from leaves) to be able to take care of diabetes. What’ve proven some scientific studies about this traditional medicinal use? It’s been observed in each animal and human studies which banaba leaf extract lowers blood sugar by promoting glucose transportation into body cells.

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