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How to Have an eco-friendly Christmas (And Lower your expenses to Boot!)


Christmas is a time of excess; we consider in a lot more calorific power than we give out in terms of turkey, sweets and alcohol; we use a lot more electrical energy in regards to TV, music, lights and console games; and we use far more fuel filter ( electricity in warming the house in the chilly months.

You may not care very much during the time, leaning again at 5pm on Christmas Day with a full glass of sherry and a belly full of food, lights sparkling along with a fantastic film on the telly. But fast forward to when you obtain your utility bills and your festive joy will soon evaporate.

Check out these ten ways to have a more-environmentally helpful Yuletide – and in addition a greener 2015.

effuel for sale1) Real Christmas trees

1) Real Christmas trees

There’s controversy of this, but research from the Carbon Trust claims that the average carbon footprint of a genuine tree is much smaller compared to the common PVC artificial tree, and far easier to recycle – eBay weighs up the positives and negatives of both with these.

2) Energy saving bulbs

2) Energy saving bulbs

This is a no brainer, both for Christmas, spring and most evenings henceforth. Replacing one traditional bulb with an energy saving light bulb is able to protect you £3 annually by using 80 % less energy, so the first outlay will soon pay for itself. In addition power saving LED fairy lamps are 90 % a lot more effective and never need to be replaced as they do not use bulbs. And also of course…

3) Turn them off

Three) Turn them off

4) Use candles rather than bulbs

5) Loft as well as cavity wall insulation

Six) Green presents

Seven) Wrapping paper

effuel forum8) Wear jumpers

9) Food waste

10) Grow your very own food

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