How to earn v bucks in fortnite

free v bucks Fortnite Vbucks – Real and Working – Updated for: August

How to get V bucks for FREE

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What are they?

Fortnite V-Bucks are currency you can use to add funds to your Fortnite wallet. This allows you to purchase in-game apps, games, and other sorts of media.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free-to-play, but microtransactions are proposed for cosmetic content. Here is a guide to how to win V bucks without necessarily having to pay.


It may seem contradictory, but playing in the paid mode Save the World allows you to win a lot of V bucks for the Battle Royale mode.

This requires you to buy it while you could put that money on the cash shop; but for people who already have the game or want to win V bucks in the long run, it can be interesting.

You will be able to collect V bucks during daily connections, for example for eleven days after which you will earn 50 and for twenty-eight days it will be 300. If you are brave enough, you can even win 1000 V bucks if you log 336 days in a row.

You can also fill your collection book. By hitting a piñata, you will collect cards that offer you experience, and each level offers rewards.

Levels 6, 26 and 91 give you 500 V bucks each (which corresponds to about $15 in total).

The last method is to perform daily quests that earn you V bucks if you complete them. In two weeks, you will be able to earn enough to give you an item in the Fortnite store: Battle Royale.


If you do not have access to the Save the World mode or you do not want to buy it and have to play it to win V-Bucks, there are still other methods, but less effective.

First of all you can use the free pass that everyone has – emotes and a cosmetic backpack and pickaxe are up for grabs. And most importantly you can also recover 100 V bucks at levels 18 and 34.

Fortnite Battle Pass Then you can complete the combat pass, it costs 950 V-Bucks, but it contains many more rewards than the free pass and it is easier to complete. You’ll be able to win 100 V-bucks every 7 to 8 levels for a total of 1,300 V bucks.

If you play a lot of Fortnite: Battle Royale it can be interesting, because with the V-Bucks won in one season, you can buy the fight pass of the season after.

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