How Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi Leaves Acting!


We as a whole are very much aware of who Hamza Ali Abbasi is? He is a Pakistani genius known for his gigantic acting in hit Urdu shows. Hamza is otherwise called a solid political supporter who was there to represent the privileges of regular citizens.

How Hamza Ali Abbasi Became Muslim

All things considered, Hamza has chosen to leave his acting vocation and pursue the correct way, the way of Allah. He shared a video message with his fans in which he discussed the reasons and situations which lead him to take this choice.

How Hamza Ali Abbasi Became Muslim

He said that he was 13 of 14 years of age when he scrutinized his reality, the universe, what is he doing here in this world, and what is the motivation behind life. Hamza turned into an Atheist! It was science that repurchased him toward his Religion-Islam. He discovered fulfilling answers to every one of his inquiries.

In the wake of discovering answers, Hamza chose to help other people who feel the equivalent. He will proceed with his life discussing Allah Almighty and Islam. He will enjoy a long reprieve from acting since he will discuss some genuine stuff and acting at times require to do non-genuine stuff.

Hamza Ali Abbasi will use all sorts of mediums to spread his message about Islam and to bring people closer to Allah Almighty. Watch the video for more details. 

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