How Much Does Make up Really Change Ones Face


It is not a foreign concept that everyone these days’ wears makeup. Be it little small girls or old aged women and men of course (we all know men too wear makeup). The real deal is to what extent it is worn. Now of course we know that some light makeup is essential but thanks to YouTube we also know that it can drastically change ones’ appearance. Let me make it very clear that this is not a makeup hate post, nor do I condemn people wearing it. You gotta do you after all.

Here are just a few pictures of our beautiful Pakistani actresses before and after their trip to the dressing room.

  • Mahira Khan

Mahira khan is definitely what you call a natural beauty. With flawless skin like hers any makeup look would be fantastic on her. She can really pull off anything.


  • Mehwish Hayat

Again a national beauty with a national award. Perfect skin does look like a way to success here. Mehwish Hayat is as beautiful as she is talented. With her perfect smile and sharp features, she is very well equipped for the big screen.


  • Ayesha Omer

The baby face Ayesha Omar is the cutest and most adorable actress and model in the Pakistani industry. She has done many successful programs as a host and also has done quite a few singing gigs. She also is an ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics New York. Way to go babe!


  • Sanam Baloch

A beautiful character with similarly beautiful face. With dramas like Dastan and Durr-e-Sehwaar, she is the most talented actress and a morning show host.


  • Mawra Hocane

Being beautiful is not the only thing which is important for a woman, being smart and using brain is too. The saying “Beauty with Brains” is very true and set this pretty young woman. Excelling in the Pakistani drama industry in Bollywood and also pursuing a law degree. She is definitely a role model for young Pakistani girls.


In the end all girls are beautiful in one way or another, it’s just the way we perceive beauty is what makes all the difference.

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