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House Air Conditioners Need to Be Replaced Soon


It has not reach the mainstream news at this point as one of their hot topics, but in the future weeks you’ll be hearing a lot more and a lot more concerning the miraculous 2010 date started by the Clean Air Act as the day in which air conditioners that use freon (R-22) coolant might not anymore be manufactured. The reason for this’s it is commonly believed that freon as well as other hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) which are introduced into the atmosphere help with the erosion of the ozone layer that protects the environment from increased ultraviolet radiation.

Irrespective of your special beliefs along these lines, the economic facts of these laws is the fact that you are able to count on a boom in the air conditioning industry, and customers are able to rely on the price of freon going way up. The official time table from the EPA looks as this:

blast auxiliary stock2010 – No creation and virtually no importing of HCFC-142b and HCFC-22, except to be used in gear manufactured before 1/1/2010 (so no generation or importing for NEW equipment that makes use of these refrigerants)

2015 – No production and absolutely no importing of any HCFCs, blast auxiliary ultra portable ac except for use as refrigerants in gear manufactured before 1/1/2020

2020 – No generation and no importing of HCFC-22 and HCFC-142b

2030 – No creation and hardly any importing of any HCFCs

The coolant which has arisen in the market to replace Freon is known as Puron. It doesn’t have the same ozone eroding traits of HCFC, and also does a better job of cooling the home of yours becuae it’s to operate under a greater strain compared to freon. But because of the higher operating pressure, house air conditioners that were produced for use with freon coolant were not made to the higher strain specifications that are needed for Puron.

These days, add into the equation the economic situation which the world is in, thus the downturn in the US real estate market also you’ll rapidly see what’s going to happen. Homes built with central air conditioner systems which are on the market won’t have the ability to sell unless they already have a new Puron system installed. It will be comparable to a house with a bad roof on it. A new roof will not add to the value of the home, but the home is going to be less like to sell without it.

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