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Health, Diet, Exercise And Caloric Restriction Aren’t Enough For Longevity


Even though the complete hormone supplementation/replacement treatment program continues to be demonstrated to reverse natural age of up to twenty seven years, ALL of the so called health gurus didn’t even achieve the age of 100. Most didn’t actually get to the age of eighty, plus several died in their 50s and 60s. Let’s look at many of these well-known and charismatic figures, examining the difference in between the programs they espoused and promoted and also the system described throughout this book.

Imagine the famous fitness guru Jack LaLanne- the longest surviving of all of the gurus. No one can work out more or even consume more healthfully each day than he did. And yet, he died in 2011 at the age of 96, following a bout with a simple case of influenza that resulted in pneumonia (reported cause of death). His death suggested that his immune system (white blood cells & lymphocytes, etc.) could not, okinawa flat belly tonic bbb (just click the next webpage) and also didn’t, efficiently battle the infection. He’d twenty four years to go to reach the whole life span, however, he didn’t. Which means that his decades-long seeming fitness was not enough to reverse the biological age of his, maintain true general good health and wellness, and attain the God-promised age of 120.

A number of other renowned proponents of body, diet, and exercise had actually shorter life spans than LaLanne’s, which would suggest that their programs lacked the essential medical components of longevity: optimum level of hormones. (The complete hormone supplementation/replacement treatment program, as discussed throughout this book, gives the healthcare technology as well as technique necessary to obtain this ideal balance.)

Dr. Robert Atkins, creator of the famous Atkins Diet, essentially gave the fine to eat a diet based on fat and protein, with carbohydrates (other than a small quantity of certain dry fruits and vegetables) severely restricted. Essentially, Atkins condemned carbohydrates for the “hall of soluble shame.” After the demise of his in 2003 in the age of 72, it was revealed that Atkins himself had a record of serious heart disease, including myocardial infarction (heart attack), congestive heart failure, and hypertension. A few people have suggested that these conditions resulted in the demise of his, that had been immediately the result of a fall on the ice. Others have maintained that his heart attack was caused by a persistent infection (low immunity). (Robert Atkins’s life span was forty eight years shorter than the God-promised 120 years, indicating that the seeming health of his was insufficient to reverse his natural age and maintain real as well as long lasting good health.)

Adelle Davis was one of this country’s best known early nutritionists, and she contended that just about any disorder can be prevented through proper nutrition and diet. In particular, she emphasized the benefits of eating unprocessed foods, staying away from hydrogenated and saturated fats and excessive sugar, plus taking vitamin supplements to guard against deficiencies. She had also been a workout advocate. Her recommendations have stayed regular nutrition/fitness guidelines while as of this posting, and yet Davis succumbed to cancer in 1974 at the age of 70. (Adelle Davis’s life span was fifty years shorter than the God promised 120 years, indicating that her seeming fitness what lack of to overturn the biological age of her and keep true as well as lasting good health.)

Bob Delmonteque-known to fans and followers as “Doctor Bob”-was a favorite bodybuilder as well as a fitness trainer among the stars as well as celebrities in Hollywood. He maintained his chiseled physique throughout his lifetime, dying in 2011 at the age of 85. (Bob Delmonteque’s life span was 35 years shorter than the God promised 120 years, indicating that the seeming fitness of his was not enough to overturn his biological age and maintain true as well as long lasting great health.)

James (Jimmy) Fixx appeared to be a paragon of health and fitness in the 1970s. Frequently credited with launching the American working craze, Fixx was obviously a vocal proponent of running and jogging to be able to remain fit and attain better health. He himself ran ten miles 1 day, in addition to performing other types of vigorous exercise. Buddies described him as being in fine health. But, he’d a fatal heart attack in 1984 at the age of fifty two while jogging close to the home of his in Vermont. (James Fixx’s Life span was sixty eight years shorter than the God-promised 120 years, indicating that the seeming health of his was lack of to overturn his biological age and sustain real as well as lasting great health.)

Robert Kowalski was an additional health guru, and also he focused entirely on the risks of cholesterol which is high. His New 8 Week Cholesterol Cure was obviously a New York Times bestseller for 115 weeks. Although “everyone” may have read the books of his, he still died at the age of sixty five (in 2007). The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism; remember he was age 35 when he’d the first heart attack of his as well as bypass surgery. (Robert Kowalski’s life span was fifty five years shorter than the God-promised 120 years, indicating that the seeming health of his was insufficient to overturn the biological age of his and keep true as well as long lasting great health.)

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