Harry Maguire lifts the veil on Man Utd discipline and strict player fines

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire described the system of fines in place for Old Trafford players, ensuring that strong discipline is respected within the squad as the club attempt to resume their place at the top of English football.

Maguire and other senior members of the squad are the ones administering the fines that keep all players in check, a refreshing look for a team that has previously been accused of running out of leaders.

Harry maguire
Man Utd players impose their own fines in the squad | Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

“We have rates for training, meetings and travel. These are the big three. We mainly have a good but double set on match day. I just like to keep it simple. If you have too many fines, it ends up being too complicated, ”Maguire told the club’s official podcast.

But even though the 27-year-old skipper is among those handing down the fines, he is not above the rules himself and has also been forced to pay for breaking them.

Nemanja Matic is another member of the fines committee and slapped Maguire with one when the center-back had his phone with him somewhere he shouldn’t during practice.

With phones being a distraction for players, United stars are not allowed to have theirs with them during warm-up sessions in the gym before training, or when they collect their shoes from the locker room to go to the gym. the main outdoor session.

But Maguire tells a story he had during the latter, picking up his phone when he grabbed his boots and took it with him. It was, he explains, not so he could continue then, but to save time because he wanted to take his phone with him for a massage right after training without having to go back to the locker room to retrieve it. .

However, Matic still relieved his captain and demanded the payment of a fine.

“It’s crazy, but I let Nemanja do it. I took the hit and put the money in the pot, ”Maguire said.

Nemanja Matic
Nemanja Matic is a strict application of the rules | Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

“When you meet in the gym before training for the pre-activation, you are not allowed to use your phone. We did a pre-activation, I didn’t have my phone. But then you go out to put on your boots and you are not allowed to use your phone during that time. I had my phone and did it with me.

“I wasn’t on the phone because immediately after training I was going to put my sneakers back on and go for a massage instead of coming back. I could have gone straight to a massage and Nemanja fined me for that. He’s strict with everyone so I’m happy. I can set the standard. “

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