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Glucosans Reduces Blood Sugar


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Diabetes affects over 20 Million Americans and each year nearly 1 million more people are diagnosed with diabetes. It’s estimated that another five million haven’t yet been diagnosed. 300,000 Americans will die this time due to complications from diabetes.

Diabetic issues, the sixth leading reason for death in the United States, gluco shield pro gregory johnson (try this out) is a chronic disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels).

In a great individual, blood glucose levels , and that fluctuate, based on food intake, exercise, along with other things, are maintained within an acceptable range by insulin. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, allows the body absorb excess sugar from the bloodstream. In an individual with diabetes, blood glucose levels are certainly not adequately controlled by insulin.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces some insulin, sometimes even large amounts; however, either the pancreas doesn’t produce sufficient insulin or the body’s cells are reluctant to the activity of insulin. In numerous cases, Type 2 can certainly be prevented by proper exercise and diet.

The burden of diabetes is much higher for minority populations compared to the white population. For example:

300,000 Americans will die this time because of complications from diabetes.

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