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Frank Lampard berates journalist in breathtaking press conference exchange


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is showing signs of feeling the pressure at Stamford Bridge as speculation over his uncertain future by hitting a reporter asking a question about confidence levels in the squad.

After appearing to correct their weaknesses in a strong run from late October to early December, Chelsea have lost five of their last eight Premier League games to slip into a middle position.

Christian Pulisic
Chelsea have lost five of their last eight Premier League games | Michael Regan / Getty Images

Lampard himself said he was ‘worried’ about the series of alarming results following the latest loss to Leicester, when he admitted that a number of his players had not even done the bare minimum – like running, sprinting and covering in general. ground.

Rumor has it that the 42-year-old Stamford Bridge legend, whose squad appears to have deteriorated from summer spending of over £ 200million, could lose his job if the results don’t turn around . Chelsea are even strongly linked with Thomas Tuchel or Julian Nagelsmann as a possible replacement.

The reporter in particular was The Athletic’s Liam Twomey, whose question centered on the importance of having someone like Petr Cech on the team every day.

“At a time like this, when confidence seems to be low in the team and a lot of players, individually, seem to be struggling, how useful is it to have someone else in the team? first team, who like you had a very similar winning mentality as a player and similar experience in good times and bad at the highest level? came Twomey’s question.

Polite, relevant and valid as it seemed, Lampard shuddered as soon as the word ‘confidence’ was spoken, clearly underscoring his displeasure at what he perceives to be a negative portrayal of his team. He then berated the reporter, accusing him of biased and unfair reporting in an astonishing exchange that only serves to underscore the idea that he East feel the pressure.

“I think their confidence would be wasted if they read the songs you write by the minute,” replied a more than frosted Lampard.

“I’ve read some of it and some of the confirmation biases you always think about games with is almost like a social media expert trying to get a negative reaction. I read the articles when we were doing well too, and they didn’t go both ways.

“I think for a journalist to be objective would be a good start because if the players read it, I would feel like that,” he continued, more and more thorny. gave a more measured and calm response.

Twomey then took to Twitter, explaining that he was “reluctant” to even respond, but insisting that he disagreed with Lampard’s opinion of his objectivity and that nothing was wrong. is personal.

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